CEMEX Croatia and Quad-Lock Building Systems to provide High-Performance Building Envelopes

Oct. 7, 2013, Munich, Germany
 – Quad-Lock Building Systems GmbH and CEMEX Hrvatska d.d. agreed to offer highly sustainable and comfortable Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) building envelopes for CEMEX’s CEMGRA program.

The innovative CEMGRA program is designed for landowners as a unique „One-Stop-Shop“ to design and build super energy efficient homes with up to 400 sqm. living space at lower total costs of ownership than traditional construction.

The program offers a full-range of services including technical and financial advice, house design, obtaining permits, material supply, construction works and supervision, performance warranties, and discounts for furnishing.

CEMEX and Quad-Lock intend to provide the highest quality levels of materials, performance, and support with a common purpose: customer satisfaction.

Quad-Lock has been a leading innovator in the ICF industry for 20 years, offering the most versatile insulating concrete shuttering system to build walls, floors, and roofs. The German-engineered wall system is a key element of building envelopes with high thermal efficiency and strength to deliver very comfortable, healthy, and long lasting indoor environments while lowering energy use, costs, and emissions.

CEMEX gradnja d.o.o. – CEMGRA is a subsidiary of CEMEX Hrvatska d.d., and as such a member of one of the biggest world-wide providers of concrete building solutions.



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